Layering is one of the hottest winter trends, introducing to us its chicest version combined with statement urban street-styled pieces for this season. Looking effortless cool is the new way to dress-up. Here are all the layering secrets you need to know so as to take your look to a whole new level.

“Fashion is architecture: it is a matter of proportions.”
~Coco Chanel

First Layer | Base

A black long sleeve turtleneck top is a must-have to everyone’s wardrobe for the cooler seasons. The first layer of clothing has to be formfitting so as to minimize the airflow and to not “overshadow” your silhouette. The ideal base to start layering is a tight long sleeve top (regular neckline or turtleneck) for the top part and tights or leggings for the bottom one.

The art of layering

The whole point of layering is to look like you have layered nothing underneath but at the same time feeling like you never left your bed. A successful layering is all about showing your silhouette without looking overwhelmed by all the clothing you are wearing. A simple way to achieve that is by tucking-in your sweater or by adding a belt/belt bag.

Accessorize without accessories.

Layering is the best way to accessorize your look in winter by showing a sneak peek of the clothing layers you are wearing. For example, just by showing the turtleneck part or the ends of the sleeves of the top you are wearing underneath your sweater can instantly upgrade your look. Same goes for the bottom part where colorful, patterned socks and tights are the way to go.

So many options, so little time.

Comes as no surprise that winter fashion is the favorite one to so many. Now it’s your chance to play around with styles, patterns, textures and combine different trends all in one. This season is all about fun prints and bold colors which may seem intimidating to some of you. My advice is to focus on one trend at the time or even create a certain concept. For example, try to style 2 different prints in one outfit or incorporate a bold piece to your look. Honestly, there are no rules in fashion so just do you.

Go for cozy, fluffy textures.

A really important thing that you have to keep in mind is the materials you choose. Go for cozy and warm clothes with soft textures such as corduroy, velvet, chunky knits etc. Lastly, add a bonus layer to your outfit with jackets with faux fur lining.

Thanks for reading. Let me know your thoughts in the comments down below. See ya soon with a new blog post so stay tuned. xoxo 

Lots of love, Vaso


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