As all things in life, discovering your personal sense of style comes through try and error. If you are just like me, you are probably cringing hard about the fashion choices you did as a teen. Here are all the fashion mistakes you need to avoid.

Basics are overrated.

Trust me, they are not. Basics are the alpha and omega of your wardrobe. A white tee and a well-fitting pair of jeans shouldn’t be missing from your collection. No matter how your style will evolve, you will always find yourself gravitating towards those pieces, especially when you got no time to get ready or on your “nothing to wear” kind of days.

Investing on quantity rather than quality.

The amount of clothing you own doesn’t determine your sense of style. Cheap clothes are not the answer you are looking for achieving your dream closet. It is more preferable to build your closet slowly but steadily by investing in 2 to 3 quality pieces each year.

Being in fashion means following the latest trends of the season.

Trends come and go, style doesn’t. Because something is trending, it doesn’t always mean that it’s a good one. To me, trends are a fun way to spice up your everyday looks. Incorporate only your favorite trends into your wardrobe and turn them into personal statements.

Impulsive purchases.

This is one of my biggest regrets, no joke. Before going shopping check your current wardrobe, look for some inspiration online and then write down your shopping wishlist. Of course, don’t forget to stay openminded while shopping but always try to think of 3 different ways to style a clothing piece with your current wardrobe before purchasing it.

Trying to determine my style.

Your style represents your mood, your personality, yourself. You have many sides and so does your style. Don’t limit yourself by trying to label your style, you can be edgy, chic, romantic, alternative, sporty, whatever you feel that day you want to be and still be YOU.

Being afraid of expressing my individuality.

Low confidence, lack of personal style, toxic environment…which one is your excuse?! You are one of a kind, that is your superpower. As cheesy as it may sound, there is no second “you” in this world. So, instead of trying to look like everyone else, dress so as to express a piece of yourself, to share your emotions, to show a part of your story. You do you.

Not being aware of my body type.

Dress accordingly to your body type and figure. Finding the perfect fit may be a challenge but trust me, it is the key to enhance your silhouette. Once you know what looks good on you, make sure to stick to it. Of course, you can play around with different trends but only go for the ones that represent your style and flatter your body. This isn’t about you being afraid of stepping out of your comfort zone, it’s about you knowing and accepting your body for what it is.

Not checking on the men’s section.

I am crying over all the oversized hoodies I could have bought but I didn’t. I’m just going to leave this here. All joking aside, some of the key items you need to look for on the men’s section are sweaters, graphic tees, blazers, jackets, and accessories.

Thanks for reading. Let me know your thoughts in the comments down below. See ya soon with a new blog post so stay tuned. xoxo 

Lots of love, Vaso


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