“Be a little more you, and a lot less them.”

-Madalyn Beck

Style isn’t something static, it evolves alongside you. So, keep in mind that finding your personal style isn’t a one-time experience. As you grow, you constantly need to rediscover your current sense of style.

Look for inspiration

You can search for fashion inspiration on platforms such as WeHeartIt, Tumblr, Pinterest and Instagram. Create weekly/monthly digital inspiration moodboards and collections or you can even take it a step further by creating a fashion moodboard of your current ideal style as wall decor for your room. Place it near your closet for those days you need some extra inspiration to get ready.

Extra Tip: When you are scrolling through your favorite online clothing stores, save your favs on your wishlist so as to get a better overlook of your current style.

Start with basics

Basics are the structure of your wardrobe. No matter how your style will evolve, you will always find yourself gravitate towards those pieces. So before you start adding statement pieces to your wardrobe, you have to build your basic wardrobe which will include all your must-have pieces that never go in and out of style.

Don’t follow trends blindly

We all want to stay in fashion but that doesn’t mean you have to follow all the trends. Incorporate only those ones that you truly love and represent you in your current style. You can look fashionable even without following trends, style isn’t based on trends but on your sense of fashion.

Stop labeling yourself

Your style represents your mood, your personality, yourself. You have many sides and so does your style. Don’t limit yourself by trying to label your style, you can be edgy, chic, romantic, alternative, sporty, whatever you feel that day you want to be and still be YOU.

Step out of your comfort zone

Don’t feel afraid to experiment with your style once in a while. It’s important to know what looks good on you but don’t completely shut yourself inside that comfort zone of yours. Go to a store and try on cool looking pieces that you normally wouldn’t dare to. You never know what hidden gems you can find until you give them a try.

Wear what you like

Believe in yourself and your sense of style. Don’t try to be like anyone else other than your unique, amazing self. Wear only what makes you feel confident in your own skin.

Thanks for reading. Let me know your thoughts in the comments down below.

PS. My WeHeartIt username is @Tohsaka_

Lots of love, Vaso


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