There is no need to spend a ton of money to get the luxury look. Here are 10 simple ways to elevate your outfits by staying on a budget.

1| Know your body type.

The most important thing is to dress for your body type! Try to find the perfect fit for your silhouette.

2| Designer Dupes

Experience with trends without breaking the bank! Unsure if you want to invest in a designer piece, buying the dupes almost acts as a test run!

3| Neutral Colors

Neutral palette clothes add a put together feel to any look.

4| Minimal Jewelry

Invest in good quality pieces that are timeless and will always look elegant!

5| Invest in a high-end piece.

Invest in a statement piece that you know it will last forever and that you will wear it all the time such as a bag.

6| Classy Style

Incorporate some basic must-have clothing pieces in your wardrobe that don’t go in and out of style. That way you won’t have the need to shop as much every time the season changes.

7| Natural Makeup

Your clothes are just a part of your image. To complete the look go for natural makeup and nude or groomed nails.

8| Ironing and steaming your clothes.

You don’t want to look scruffy! Your clothes will look neater if they have clean lines.

9| Invest in a trench coat, leather jacket etc.

Outwear is the final touch to your look. Invest in a better quality coat that will last you for a long time.

10| Materials and textures.

Choose materials and textures that don’t look cheap such as cotton, silk, wool, and suede.

Thanks for reading. Do you have any tips to get the luxury look for less? Let me know by leaving them in the comments down below.

Lots of love, Vaso


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