This season’s trends are all about effortless beauty inspired by the softness and glory of mother nature. Expect nothing else than earthy tones, floaty fabrics, and ocean-inspired accessories. Here are all the trends that are gonna take over your summer wardrobe.

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Urban Bohemia

If you are not gonna escape the city heat this summer, then bring a fresh, exotic aura to your look by embracing the bohemian style. Linen oversized clothes, paisley prints, natural earthy tones, and strappy sandals are key elements to the look.

Soft Utility

Embrace the utility trend and feel like home wherever you are. Show off your powerful yet feminine self by mix&matching light embroidered cotton shirts with cargo trousers and boots. Looking effortless cool is the new trend.

Glitter & Fabrics

That’s a trend which took over the fashion runways this year. Light, loose fabrics embellished with tiny crystals and glitters showed us that there is no limit when it comes to shine.


The neon trend created mixed feelings to lots of us and not many had the guts to rock it during winter. Don’t worry, it’s a totally different story now in summer since it’s the perfect way to pop a splash of color to any look.

Styling Tip: Add a neon piece to a totally neutral look to bring some life to your outfit.


The tie&dye made a huge comeback in 2019 and we already saw the trend all over the runway. If you are a 90s kid this trend is old news to you. Add a fun spin to your look with this colorful trend.

Ocean Inspired Jewelry

Who said mermaids don’t exist? Turn into a goddess of the sea by rocking all the hidden treasures of the ocean, from pearly hairclips to seashell earrings and necklaces.

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