Lots of style icons and influencers seem to love and rock the athleisure look and we can’t blame them for that. It’s definitely more than a trend that came to stay, it’s a mood. We all have those lazy days that all we wished for is to live in our pyjies forever and ever. So, here are all the tips you need to know on how to turn your sweats into a LOOK.

It’s not the clothes that create the look but the way you style them. Don’t get the wrong idea, an athleisure look can be stylish in many ways depending on the vibe you are going for.

Girlboss on the run

To all the aspiring girlbosses out there, yes, there is a way to turn your sweats into your daily suit. Being a modern girlboss means that you are always on the run trying to keep up with your hectic everyday life. A comfy outfit has to be your No.1 priority on a day full of errands. Here are all the secrets on how to look chic and put together in an athleisure look.

◆ When in doubt, go for neutral tones. Nothing that black can’t make it look chic.

◆ Minimize your color palette to at most three different colors in an outfit such as black, beige and white.

◆ Style your whole outfit around a certain statement, timeless piece such as a coat or a blazer.

◆ Accessories are the key. Minimal gold jewelry can upgrade your look in an instant.

◆ White sneakers are the way to go.

Model off duty

If you are into edgier, always on trend, urban-style looks then there is no better inspo for you than the one’s models off duty rock on their streetstyle appearances. Here are some simple ways to spice up your outfit.

◆ Incorporate some of the hottest trends of the season into your look.

◆ Play around with fun, bold colors.

◆ A cool vintage graphic tee is probably the answer you are looking for.

◆ You just can’t go wrong with an oversized hoodie paired with jogging trousers or a cropped top paired with high-waisted leggings.

Mix & Match

Play around with different styles, designs, colors, and patterns. You can add some edgy details to your outfit and still look chic. You do you, girl. Don’t hesitate to mix a variety of styles into your look cause that’s the trick to make it yours. My personal favorite combo is urban-style pieces mixed with some minimal, chic essentials such as a coat or gold jewelry.

Thanks for reading. Let me know your favorite way to style an athleisure look in the comments down below.

~Lots of love, Vaso

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