Get summer ready in less than 10 minutes with this easy peachy summer makeup look. And the best part? It’s all drugstore.



โžต NYX First Base Makeup Primer Spray, 8.20โ‚ฌ
This product leaves a cooling sensation to the skin and I highly recommend it for the hot summer season. It really helps your makeup and face products stick to your skin giving you a glowy natural makeup look.

โžต Essence Camouflage 2in1 Make-up & Concealer, 4.89โ‚ฌ
I apply my makeup with a blender for a smooth, natural, flawless finish. It definitely lived up to my expectations and I am not replacing it any time soon. I am in the shade 10 ivory beige.

โžต Mememe Cheek & Lip Tint – Coral Blossom, 8.46โ‚ฌ
I will be honest with you, this product didn’t work as a lip tint for me at all but it’s an amazing blush. A little goes a long way so be careful while applying it.

โžต NYX Beauty School Dropout- Graduate Palette, not available
I like to mix the two contour shades of this palette since I feel it suits my skin tone the most. For my highlight, I used the goldish shade on my cheekbones and under my brow bone.


โžต NYX Beauty School Dropout- Graduate Palette, not available
For my eye makeup, I apply a soft peachy color in the crease and under the eye and blend, blend, blend. On the top, I add a shimmery orange color and if I feel like I want to go for a more intense cat-eye makeup, I deepen the look with a darker titian at the edge of my crease.

โžต Essence I Love Extreme volume Waterproof Mascara, 3.59โ‚ฌ
This is a product that shouldn’t be missing from your summer bag this season. A must have not only for the beach but for your busy days in the city as well.


โžต ANATOMICALS Never Lose Your Cherry SPF8 Lip Balm, 4.50โ‚ฌ
Has a glossy finish but feels like butter to the lips. It also smells and tastes super yummy!

Thanks for reading. Let me know your thoughts in the comments down below. See ya next Monday with a new blog post so stay tuned. xoxoย โ™ก

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